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Richard E. Sargent, B.M.E

Music Director and Drama Club Advisor
(413) 467-7104 x2114 GJSH
(413) 467-7198 x3010 EMS

Thomas Walz

Elementary Music Specialist



The mission of the Granby Music program is to foster lifelong musicianship and appreciation of the performing arts through collaboration, personal expression, and intrinsic reward.


Students will be independent musicians capable of creating and expressing music alone and with others.


We believe…

  • Every student can create and experience quality music to enhance their lives.
  • Every student can learn. We are committed to differentiation to reach all learners.
  • Music can be a foundation to make cross-curricular and real-life connections.
  • Music students learn the 21st Century skills of Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.
  • Music performance teaches young people to take risks and develop self-confidence.
  • Students create and experience beauty together through music.
  • Music provides students with a means of self-expression.

  • SRO Cast: The High Schooler's Guide to the Galaxy

  • 6th Grade Advanced Band Trumpets

  • Morning Chorus Club Rehearsal

  • SRO After-School Rehearsal

  • Advanced Band Morning Rehearsal



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