When should we upgrade or pay off the rental agreement?

Be certain to speak with Mr. Williams about this before you make your final rental payment. There is much more information here.

What if I feel my child should not be "pulled" from another class or service?

Although our schedule is designed to have the least impact on what students are missing, there may be families with specific academic areas of concern. First, please review your child's schedule to confirm that it actually meets between 8:30 and 11:00 am. Second, consider the actual impact of the rotating schedule on that class/service and then consider the impact of periodically missing instrumental lessons. Third, you might consider discussing this with your child's teacher as well.

With the rotating instrumental schedule, students only receive 30 minutes of instruction, at most, every 7 days. When one lesson is missed, half a month passes between instrumental instruction.

If you do choose to have your child remain in certain classes, instead of attending instrumental lessons, please notify both your child's teacher and Mr. Williams of your preference and discuss this decision with your child. These missed lessons will not be made up and the responsibility for remaining in this class instead of attending lessons is that of the student and family, not Mr. Williams or the classroom teacher - although we will do our best to remember.