Events & Information-

*Upcoming State-Mandated Annual Health Screenings

            The Granby School Nurses will be conducting our state-mandated annual health screenings for students in grades kindergarten through grade 10 from October 28, 2019 through November 28, 2019.  The screenings will include height, weight, hearing, vision, and postural screenings depending on grade level. The screenings are not painful and they take approximately 5-10 minutes per student.  These screenings are not a diagnostic test but a screening to identify young people who may need further evaluation. If your child has any unusual findings, you will be notified and asked to take the child to a physician as a precaution.  The majority of students exhibit no findings. Below is a list of the screenings by grade:


Kindergarten: vision, & hearing

1st grade: height, weight, vision, & hearing

2nd grade: vision, & hearing

3rd grade: vision, & hearing

4th grade: height, weight, vision

5th grade: vision, postural

6th grade: postural

7th grade: height, weight, vision, hearing, & postural

8th grade: postural

9th grade: postural

10th grade: height, weight, vision, & hearing


        All screenings are done in a discreet, confidential manner, respecting the privacy of all students.  In order to accurately screen the children’s spines for the postural screening, male students are asked to wear a tank top or t-shirt and female students are asked to wear a swimsuit top or s tank top during the screening. This enables good visualization of the spine and shoulders.

        Families may have their child opt-out of the screenings by providing a note in writing, indicating that your child is not to participate in the screenings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your School Nurse


East Meadow: Karen Szlosek, BSN, RN, NCSN: (413) 467-7198 or

JrSr High School: Deb Werenski, BSN, RN, NCSN: (413) 467-7107 or

School Nurse Leader: Nancy Jenks, BSN, RN, NCSN, AE-C: (413) 467-7104, ext. 1055 or

*Self-Care Practices:

            In the fall of 2019, Granby Public Schools students and staff will be working with mindfulness expert Kate Forest in using self-care practices throughout the day to help relax, become more focused, and calm. These practices have been demonstrated to have a positive impact on student's social-emotional health and have improved time on learning. 

*Coat Drive:

     THANK YOU to everyone who donated coats, boots, hats, mittens, and scarves! Our students will be toasty warm because of your thoughtfulness and generosity!

*Granby-to-Go Food & Toiletries Drive:

         The Granby Public Schools and other community agencies and organizations will be collecting food and toiletries from October 21st through November 13th. We are looking for the following items:

Oatmeal Canned meats Pie crust  Applesauce Combs/Brushes
Cereal  Soup (canned/dry) Canned pumpkin Tea Shaving cream
Breakfast bars Canned spaghetti sauce Biscuit & muffin mixes Coffee Toilet paper
Granola bars Rice Gravy Conditioner Baby wipes
Canned fruit Mac & cheese Peanut butter Soap Diapers
Canned vegetables, especially corn, green beans, peas Ramen Noodles Jelly Shampoo Feminine Hygiene products
Beans Pasta Crackers Deodarant   
Canned chili Boxed potatoes Fruit cups Tooth paste  
Canned tomatoes Popcorn Sugar-free jello Toothbrushes  
Canned pasta Cranberry sauce Hot chocolate Dental floss  

Ongoing Programs-


*The History of the Granby-to-Go Program:

        The Granby-To-Go Program in the Granby Public Schools began in the fall of 2017 as a pilot program for our two elementary schools, West Street School & East Meadow School in collaboration with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Pantry of South Hadley, MA. We began by providing weekend food bags to any interested students regardless of socioeconomic status, which was briefly based in the nursing clinic at West Street School.

       After serving 30 families in the 2017-2018 school year, we opened the program district-wide in the 2018-2019 school year and moved the program into a small closet at the Granby Jr/Sr High School. During this time, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Granby Teacher's Association received grants from the United Way and the MA Teachers' Association to continue to assist us in this work, which included additional support from the Granby Schools PTO. With these partnerships, we were able to continue to provide food bags as well as toiletries and holiday stockings full of personal care items during the holidays for over 60 students as well as food bags for school staff in need. Within a few months, the demand increased and we quickly outgrew our closet space.

      In response to the increasing need, we moved into a much larger space in the summer of 2019 and have begun offering gently used and new clothing of all sizes for children and adults, a lending library, as well as the ongoing food bag program. We have also worked with Operation Backpack of South Hadley in providing backpacks and school supplies to students in the Granby Schools and fresh vegetables from local gardens.

       With state-reported free and reduce lunch rates in Granby Schools of 41.5% as of October 2019 (an 11% increase from the 2018-2019 school year), the need to support our students continues to grow. As we continue this programming, we seek ongoing community support to ensure the longevity of this vital resource. With your donation, we can purchase food, socks, toiletries, and other needed items to help meet the needs of our students and families. We appreciate any donation and THANK YOU for your support and ongoing generosity!

* Granby-to-Go Program Food Program:

       The Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Granby Public Schools "Granby-to-Go" program work together partnership with each other as well as the United Way and the Western MA Food Bank in providing weekly bags full of non-perishable food to all interested students, families, and school staff regardless of socioeconomic status. Interested students are sent home with bags of food every Friday; students are asked to return their fabric bags to their School Nurse on the following Monday to be refilled. Parents may also pick up their child's bag for the week on Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm. For more information about this program, please contact Judy at or (413) 467-7104, ext. 5200 (voicemail), ext. 2228 or Mrs. Jenks at or (413) 467-7104, ext. 1055, or your School Nurse.

****In the event of inclement weather, the Granby-To-Go program will be closed if Granby Public Schools has early dismissal or cancels afterschool or evening events. Granby-To-Go will also be closed if the school is closed during the day due to inclement weather.

*Granby-To-Go Community Closet & Lending Library:

          In the fall of 2019, we will be opening our community closet and lending library for all students, families, and community members at the Granby Jr/Sr High School. Individuals will have access to gently used clothing, shoes, and books to borrow. If you are interested in donating gently used clothing, shoes, bags, or books, please contact Judy at or (413) 467-7104, ext. 5200 (voicemail), ext. 2228 or Nancy Jenks at or at (413) 467-7104, ext. 1055. The pantry is also open from 5pm-7pm on Wednesday evenings in the Granby-to-Go space in the Granby Jr/Sr High School, near the cafeteria. 

* Wellness Committee:

The 2019-2020 Wellness Committee meetings will be occurring during school council meetings at East Meadow and during advisories and student council meetings. 

***Students, families, school staff, and community members are welcome to attend!***