All students will be scheduled for a half-hour lesson each week during the school day and this will be assigned within the first few weeks of school. Students will receive a lesson time sheet with the day and time for their rotating lesson.

Each student needs to remember to bring his/her instrument, band method book and band music, practice log, and a pencil to school on their lesson day. When a student is absent from school on lesson day, he/she needs to see Mr. Williams for the assignment and possible lesson make-up when returning to school. When a student misses a lesson due to no school or my absence, the student needs to continue practicing the previously assigned lesson.

All students must make up all classroom worked missed during the half-hour lesson. This is usually not a problem. If a student is having difficulty in a subject area in which a lesson is scheduled, the classroom teacher will usually ask and receive a time change for the lesson.

Scheduled lesson days and times are subject to change throughout the year. In the case of a change, a new notice will be given to the student by me to take home.

In early October, the students begin their advanced band ensemble experience with rehearsals before school starting at 7:30am (they should arrive at 7:20am to be ready to start on time) on Mondays and Fridays. These rehearsals are required along with the weekly scheduled lesson.

The first concert for students in the Advanced Band Program will be in January, along with the East Meadow Morning Chorus Club.

Concert dress is Semi-Formal:

  • Boys: nice shoes and socks, slacks, and shirt (tie is optional)
  • Girls: dress, skirt and blouse, or slacks and blouse with dress shoes and socks or hose.
  • Please no athletic sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. This is an important and special occasion in the students’ lives.