Monday – Friday 7:30-2:30
Thursday 7:30-3:30


Only Granby Jr./Sr. High School students and staff may check out library materials. Materials can be renewed if they are not needed by another patron.

Loan Periods

  • Books 2 weeks

  • Graphic novels 1 week

Overdue materials

Overdue reminders will be sent twice. After 2 reminders, a letter will be sent home informing students that their borrowing privileges will be discontinued until the materials have been returned, replaced, or paid for.

Replacement costs

The replacement price for lost or damaged library materials is the cost to re-purchase the item.


Summary of key library policies and procedures:

These policies and procedures have been developed to maintain an atmosphere conductive to study in the library, and to optimize class visit time for research projects. The library staff would be happy to discuss any of them with you.

  • Class visits

    • Teachers sign-up in advance to bring classes into the library. Sign up in person, or by email.

    • A planning session with the librarian is highly recommended for research project visits, in order to determine your instructional and resource needs. Plan ahead, everyone benefits.

    • If plans change, teachers are asked to please notify the library to remove their name from the schedule, thus allowing another class to use the area.

    • In most instances, substitute teachers should not bring classes to the library unless prior arrangements have been made with the librarian.

  • Student visits

    • A maximum of 2 students may be sent from class during any one period. If the need arises to send more than 2 students at a time to the library, please call ahead to determine library availability.

    • Students are asked to stop at the circulation desk and sign in when they arrive, leaving their pass at the desk. Library passes can be obtained from academic teachers and will be issued when the teacher has assigned work that requires use of the library.

    • When students leave, they are asked to sign out at the circulation desk and take their respective passes back to class.

    • Substitute teachers should be made aware of, and follow, library visit policies.


  • Respect for people in the library, the facility, equipment, and materials are the basis for all library behavior.

  • The library is a place for thoughtful, quiet, focused academic pursuits. Students who can not maintain this atmosphere will be sent back to class.

  • No outside food or drink is allowed in the library with the exception of bottled water, kept capped and on the floor.

  • The discipline policy as outlined in the student handbook will be adhered to in the library. Above all, respect for students, staff and property will prevail.

  • Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy will be dealt with seriously.

  • Violations of either of the above will be handled on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the student's teacher and Administration as deemed appropriate by the library staff.

Computer Use

Library Computer Use

  • Teachers may sign up to use the library computers in conjunctions with a library research project or other curriculum-related needs.

  • Students may use the library computers, depending on availability, on visits to the library following the Library Visit guidelines.

  • All students are required to sign in on the "Library Sign In Sheet," identifying Name, Date, Computer number, Teacher, Time In, and Time Out.

  • Students using the library computers must adhere to the Granby Schools Technology Policies.

  • Students using the library computers who are found by the library staff to be in violation of Acceptable Use Policy will be asked to leave the computer area and the violation will be reported to the student's teacher and/or Administration if deemed necessary.

  • Please limit printing to 4 pages. Options to printing are taking notes, cutting and pasting to a word document, or e-mailing an article to yourself at home.

  • If a computer is damaged or malfunctions, please please report it to the library media specialist immediately.

  • Students should not give out their account passwords, and should not allow anyone to use their account.