Band is a course oriented toward ensemble as well as individual skill development and performance. Students will work individually at their ability levels, as well as in sectionals and in a full band setting to cover the course objectives and learning standards.

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The band has a specific uniform for performances. Any member that does not follow this concert/uniform expectation may not participate in the given performance, at the discretion of the director, and it will have a negative effect on your final exam grade. Please plan now for these needs. Granby Music Shirt, full-length solid Black Slacks (not leggings or tights), solid Black Shoes, and solid Black Socks or Black Hose (not ankle socks), not shear (unless otherwise changed by the director). No uncovered ankles/lower legs.


Grades are assigned for the band class and performances, which are co-curricular.

  • 20% is based on class participation and personal responsibility: This includes after-school activities that are scheduled in advance, students having their instruments and music every day, a pencil at every rehearsal, and show maximum effort to earn the best grade.

  • 20% is based on Homework, Journaling and Class Assignments

  • 60% is based on Quarterly Playing Exams: It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all assignments, prepare for auditions, and make all scheduled events. Playing assignments for the school year will be short and must be submitted electronically via SmartMusic. Please prepare in September for this need. Please do not wait until the exam deadline.

  • The Final Exam Grade (1/5 of the overall grade) is determined by how the student met the attendance, dress code, participation and personal responsibility expectations for the required performances


Granby Junior Senior High School fosters academic achievement, personal responsibility, and respect, in order to develop conscientious and productive members of society. As a school community, we believe that all students can learn to communicate effectively, problem solve, collaborate and work independently, exhibit leadership skills, and demonstrate global awareness.

Academic Student Learning Expectations

  • Students will communicate effectively

  • Students will demonstrate effective problem solving skills

  • Students will demonstrate active reading and listening skills

  • Students will use real-world digital and other research tools to access, evaluate, and apply information

Civic Student Learning Expectations

  • Students will exhibit leadership skills

  • Students will demonstrate respect for diversity

  • Students will demonstrate global awareness

Social Student Learning Expectations

  • Students will demonstrate personal responsibility

  • Students will collaborate and work independently

The Fine and Performing Arts Department in 2014 adopted Problem Solving, Listening Skills and Collaboration as its focus for School-Wide Learning Expectations and Rubrics.